I was born in the best city in the world – London – and lived there for a good part my life, until I got married and moved to Dubai, where I live with my lovely husband,  four beautiful daughters and three mischievous cats.  As Dubai is a cosmopolitan metropolis very much like London, I feel quite at home here.

My love affair for fine English bone china started when my dear mother gifted me a beautiful forty eight piece ‘Old Country Roses’ Royal Albert, dinner, tea and coffee set. Such elegance and colour, how I just love the striking classic design of the deep coloured roses and beautiful gilding.  Of course my mother has her own lovely collection of china, Meakin, Royal Albert, Royal Worcester, Aynsley amongst others, including an unique 22kt gold 1950’s dinner and tea set which she proudly displays in her custom made glass cabinet, not to mention some funky vintage 60’s tea ware!

So my collection started.  Hunting around busy antique fares in England, vintage shops in London, flea market stalls and charity shops.  I was always on the lookout for a special piece of china. My personal collection of different British made bone china started to fill my display cabinets and very soon was overflowing with a perfusion of colours, styles and shapes. I love to serve family and friends delicious teas with my antique and vintage china tea sets and anyone who has had the delightful experience of enjoying a fine afternoon tea with me, has loved and admired my collection.

My passion for collecting timeless British china continues, which I hope to share with you.  I select each range of china myself and carefully inspect every piece to ensure that the best quality is sold to my customers. Now everyone can enjoy the luxury of owning a piece of history, whether it be a delicately hand painted tea cup set from the 1930’s Art Deco style, or an unique Victorian piece,  which are becoming harder to find. Browse our vast selection of fine English bone china tea ware through my online shop. 

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