Vintage and antique bone china teacups come in all shapes, sizes, colours and are made by different manufacturers.  Many of the factories that were making these fine pieces have unfortunately closed down and so fewer and fewer older teacups are available.  This is an advantage to collectors,  as you will own pieces of fine china that are not commonly available or not in circulation, thus owning a unique selection of individual teacups or teacup sets.  Gone are the days where the best china tea set was locked away in grandma’s cabinet and only brought out on special occasions….now everyday can be a ‘special occasion’.  Here are some tips on how to put together your own bespoke tea set:

  • Buy teacups from different makers
  • Make teacup sets of 4 or 6.
  • Make tea sets using different themes, such as the same colours (ie all shades of yellow or pink teacups).
  • Similar shaped teacups
  • Teacups with a central and common theme ( ie florals).
  • Teacups with a common style such as the flamboyant 1930’s Art Deco style.
  • Matching teapots are hard to come by,  so try adding a touch of glamour to your tea table with a quality silverware, an elegant silver teapot, sugar bowl and creamer,  the results are stunning!

Be adventurous and don’t be afraid to mix and match china to create your own look and theme.  We can help you to design your bespoke look and also advise on how to start a collection of fine bone china.  Drop us a line at

You will soon be wowing your friends and family!