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You have purchased a beautiful English bone china item which has been lovingly and carefully looked after for many years. Bone china is delicate and needs to be cleaned and stored with care in order to avoid any breakage, crazing, loss of colour and rubbing off of the gold gilding. This guide is to help buyers to preserve and make the most of their china tea ware.

Cleaning China
Do not put your china in a dishwasher. The water gets too hot, and the detergent is too strong. Do not use any harsh sponges or brushes. Use a soft cloth for washing.

A suggestion is to line the sink bottom and sides with a cloth or use rubber mats. This will help prevent the china from chipping by hitting the sink. Alternatively use a plastic bowl and place that inside your sink. Use a very mild detergent, nothing with bleach or lemon scented detergent as it contains acid. The water should be warm, not hot.

Never stack china in the kitchen sink and make sure to wash one piece at a time.

Never use sharp or any metal utensils to scrap off dried food. It is best to rinse your china as soon as you have finished.

If you have a piece of china that needs scrubbing use baking soda, it is non abrasive and won’t harm the finish.

After washing your china, place the china on a tea towel to dry. Do not stack up on top of each other or on other dishes. Do not dry on wire or even plastic stands as there is a chance of scratching and breakage.

Dry each item using a clean soft tea towel immediately after washing and store safely.

Storing China Do not store your items in a hot place and always away from direct sunlight. Make sure the temperature is controlled. When china is not being used, store it in a suitable good quality display cabinet in your living room as this will offer the best protection and showcase your beautiful tea ware. Lights inside a cabinet will further enhance your fine china collection beautifully.

Avoid stacking your china, it is best to place each piece separately. Place something soft, like tissue napkins or coffee filters between each plate and cups and saucers. This will protect them from scratching one another.

It is important to ensure that you care for your precious china as it is easily damaged when not handled, cleaned or stored properly. Make the most of your unique china and don’t be afraid to use it. Your table displays will be elegant, pretty and welcoming to your family and friends for many years.
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