A Pair of Antique Gaudy Welsh Teacup and Saucer Duos

Antique Hand Painted  Pair of Duos

Circa 1830

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Product Description

A vibrant pair of hand painted  Victorian’ Gaudy Welsh (otherwise known as Gaudy esque)’ teacup and saucer duos.  The teacup duos are designed in the Columbine pattern and were manufactured in Wales, circa 1830. (The name Gaudy Welsh was first coined after the 2nd World War, by American collectors and antique dealers). The teacups are made of soft paste porcelain and decorated in a cobalt blue cartouche pattern with characteristic pink flowers , with  copper lustre designs on the cobalt blue.  The  teacup has a nice wide rim with the body tapering gently to a raised pedestal foot,  The handle a small round shape.  The saucers are slightly larger than usual sized saucers, with a nice deep well. Overall the design reflects a Japanese influence.

Teacup height 6.5cm

Teacup diameter 10cm

Saucer diameter 15cm

Condition: In very good antique condition. Nice bright colours. There are  firing spots, dimples and tiny pieces of grit under the surface  on all pieces.  These are normal and commensurate with older pieces. (Click on About Our China for more details on condition). The teacup handles feel a little rough to the touch.  As these are hand painted duos, the patterns  are not identical and are very uniquely slightly different.  A great pair of teacups well over 100 years old.

Matching serving/cake plate available


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