Antique Vesta Teacup, Saucer and Tea Plate Trio

Antique ‘Vesta’ Trio

circa late 19th century

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Product Description

An antique teacup, saucer and tea plate trio, produced in England under the name of ‘Vesta’ in the late 19th century.   The teacup is beautifully fluted which swirls around the entire body from bottom to the top rim which is scalloped and gilded.  The fluting extends to the saucer.  The trio is decorated in a beautiful pattern of blue floral motifs and draped leaves.  The rims of each piece are gently  scalloped and gilded with the gilding extending to the teacup looped handle which has a gently thumb rest.


Teacup height 6.5cm

Teacup diameter 8.2cm

Saucer diameter 14cm

Tea Plate diameter 15.2cm

Condition:  In very good antique condition.  Some fading to the gilding around the rims and to the central decorative band of the saucer.  The colouring is intact.  There are firing spots on all the pieces and a tiny missing piece of china under the base of the teacup (otherwise known as a nibble). This is only slightly visible but as it is at the base it does not stand out.   (Click on About Our China for more details on condition).


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