Antique Willow Teacup and Saucer Duo

Blue and White Willow Duo

Circa 1880 – 1900

Item code 424WD

Product Description

Original antique blue and white oriental style teacup and saucer duo, made in England.  Decorated with the fabled Willow pattern.  The teacup has a gilded scalloped rim, with a pointed decorated handle.  The saucer has a deep well with no central  holding well, indicating that this is an old piece.


Teacup height 5.5cm

Teacup diameter 8.7cm

Saucer diameter 13.5cm

Condition: In good antique condition.  The gilding is quite worn around the inside decorative rim and  teacup rim  with some rubbing on the saucer rim.   There are firing spots on the base of the inside of teacup and on the underside of both pieces.  These characteristics are commensurate with older china. (Click on About Our China for more details on condition).

No back stamp- possible manufacturer Old English Staffordshire.

A collectible and rare teacup and saucer



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