Georgian Hand Painted Sucrier

AED 650.00

Georgian Lidded Sucrier

Circa 1830 – 1837

Item code 0214GSB

Product Description

A delightful hand painted sucrier, manufactured during the Georgian era, dating to circa 1830 to 1837.  This sucrier is possibly Ridgeway,  England.  There are no makers stamp on the reverse side. The numbers 301 and an x in green, are shown which may be production, pattern or serial number.  The crisp white porcelain body is decorated with tiny hand painted vines of flowers which also extends to the finial.  There are molding designs  particularly around the base of the foot and the rim of the sucrier.  The two handles and the finial are molding in a rather Rococo design which are also decorated with little patterns of deep red spots and flicks.

Sucrier height from base to tip of the finial 20cm

Sucrier  diameter from handle to handle 18.5cm

Condition: In excellent antique condition. There are firing spots and crazing which are normal and commensurate with such older pieces.  There is a very slight crack line on the right handle (see photo).  On close inspection this crack is only surface and does not run all the around the handle or through it.

An excellent antique piece which would make a wonderful table centre piece.



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